Battle of the gods


In the massively popular and best selling Battle Of The Gods, written by Feng Shui expert Bruce Macpherson, the key players are none other than the three principle characters – Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra, and Shiva. In this story, we also learn that the Earth is teeming with energy of different kinds – positive, negative, and neutral. In order for the Earth to support life, we use what we have created. For instance, when we kill a cow, we can create a new one. Likewise, when we kill an animal, we can make a new one. This is why Feng Shui advises building up the Chi, or the “life-giving” force, and is using that force to draw and strengthen relationships within a marriage, between two individuals, as well as among the community at large.

In the game of Battle of the Gods, you will take on the role of Shiva, who is considered by the Hindus as the King of Gods, but his enemies are the Gods of Destruction. When Shiva is confronted by his enemies, he uses his God powers to crush each of their stone temples, creating a river of Chi to flow through their land. However, this river of Chi is just a temporary fix; after the destruction of his temples, the flow of the river is again blocked. Now Shiva must rely on his allies, the deities, to help him rebuild the temples and unblock the river. Along the way, Shiva battles his various enemies and defeats them all, until he reaches the temple of Brahma, where he faces off against Parvati, who represents beauty.

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